What Can We Do To Win More Money?

Have you asked a question, such as, “What Can We Do To Win More Money?” or perhaps, “How Can We Increase Our Chances Of Winning More Money?” If so, here are some tidbits of useful advice!

Say what you want, and think what you will, about superstitions and good luck charms, but sometimes these unexplained phenomena actually DO help people get lucky, and sometimes they actually DO help people win money. I have seen people win at Bingo, win in a Casino, and even win a Lottery prize, because of a magical Good Luck Charm or Good Luck Amulet, or whatever else you want to call it; curio, talisman, crystal, lucky charm, lucky coin, magical item, et cetera!

It’s funny that some people will spend hundreds of dollars per week buying lottery tickets, but they won’t spend a measly 20 or 50 bucks on a good luck charm or two or three! Likewise, there are those who will spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, during one visit to a casino, but they won’t spend that same 20 to 50 bucks to get some sort of magical Good Luck item. It might help them win, and it might not, because after all, it seems that nothing is going to work 100% of the time and for 100% of the people, but when these items occasionally DO help… well, wouldn’t you rather have one in your pocket or purse, or perhaps hanging from a necklace, just in case it really will help you? I know I sure would!

Maybe YOU are already a believer in magical good luck charms, and that’s good that you’re open-minded. Maybe you never tried one before, but you are willing now that you’ve read my commentary. Whether you’ve tried these sorts of things before, or are about to try for the first time, you might be wondering where to get a good one? There’s a great website that I stumbled upon, about five years ago, and I have placed a few orders since then, and they seem to have really great things! You don’t have to believe me, see for yourself… Just go to Google and type in: Jennifer’s Grandmother’s Magical Oil and see what comes up. Alternatively, you can type in: Good Luck Charms To Win Money Gambling. (Side note: you DO know that whenever you Google something, you have to skip the first few entries on the page, and now they usually are preceded by the word: AD… because Google always favors those who pay them for advertising space!)

After you type either of those, next click on Images and see all of the many results, which will direct you to www.FatherTimePublishing.com which has been online and enjoying a stunningly good reputation for NINE years! I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me! PLUS… *I* have been their customer for, as I said, about 5 years, and I know their stuff REALLY WORKS!

What should YOU order? Well, I can’t answer that, because you need to take a look around and order whatever appeals to you. Perhaps something will Call to You. How? You will know it when it happens, just as you sometimes get a hunch to play a certain number, or you feel compelled to platy a certain slot machine in a casino! Come on, everyone is a bit superstitious now and then, or they get hunches, or someone or something gives them ideas! Maybe it is sometimes divine inspiration, maybe it is sometimes the Angels or the Universe, and maybe sometimes it’s your dearly departed Great-Grand-Mother looking out for you! Who knows? It’s always worth a try to play a hunch, and it always worth a try to use a magical crystal, a mystical oil, or some sort of good luck amulet!

Best Wishes & Good Luck!


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