How Can We Improve Our Chances Of Winning Some Money?

Have you asked a question such as, “How Can We Improve Our Chances Of Winning Some Money?” Everyone wonders the same sort of things, especially these days. And oddly enough, everywhere you go these days, there is some sort of gambling. There are Casinos on Native American Lands all over the U.S.A., plus the longstanding casinos in New Jersey and Nevada, plus many of the states have a lottery, many states have slot machine parlors where they give you “gift cards,” for your points, instead of cash (yawn) because they don’t allow gambling in those states or counties. Oh brother, a gift card to spend at a retail outlet is the same as winning money! Hello!

Plus, there are millions of people who find ways to gamble online. I wonder if Gambler’s Anonymous is currently getting more new members than ever before?

Anyway, if you really want to improve your chances of winning money, particularly when the odds are stacked way against you, I suppose you need to seek spiritual, supernatural, mystical, magical, or metaphysical assistance!

Say your prayers!

Promise to donate a portion of your proceeds!

Do good deeds in an effort to attract Good Karma!

Get a Good Luck Charm or Amulet, or two, or three!

That’s about it… those are your choices! There is no such thing as a “system” when it comes to state-run lotteries, and if you won’t take my word for it, call your local college or university, get a mathematics professor on the phone, and ask her or him if there is such a thing.

There is also no such thing as a “system” to beat slot machines! There are tips, such as playing a machine close to the entrance, where some people believe that it pays off frequently, to lure passersby into the casino, but that’s not a “system.”

I do know that you can get some awesome Good Luck Charms and amulets at and that might also help you!


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