How To Have Better Luck And Win Some Money!

You can take steps to improve your luck and increase your chances of winning some money, even though no one knows when lightning will strike! There are some folks who play the lottery, and perhaps spend ten bucks each and every week on ten tickets in one of those HUGE weekly drawings. Occasionally you will hear someone say, “I can’t afford the ten bucks this week, so I’ll skip it.” Guess what? It only takes ONE ticket to win! Just because you can’t swing your usual allotment of ten bucks, you should still buy one ticket, because you can’t win if you don’t play at all… Right?

Many people pray for Divine intervention from God, help from Mother Earth, or the Universe, or the Angels, assistance from their departed grandmother, or some other such spiritual or mystical force. Some people even promise that if they win, they will give a percentage to a house of worship, or a big charity. That’s all fine, but when you do win, you should follow through and make that donation!

Spread Good Karma… when you’re a nice person and you do nice things for others, you increase your chances of the Universe, or God, or whatever it is… to Bless you! If you’re a nasty person who is rude and unfriendly to others, you are probably never going to win… besides, you don’t deserve to win if you’re nasty to other people!

Get some Good Luck Charms, crystals, magical oils, or whatever appeals to you! Who knows? It just might help, and you never know until you try! Here are some awesome things that have worked well for me:

Jennifer’s Grandmother’s Magical Oil

Vatican Fountain Magical Coins

Jennifer’s Grandmother’s Magical Green Silk Prayer Cloth

Jennifer’s Lucky Magical Bottle of Gold

I got all of these items from an incredible and unique eBay Store found at:

There are many other wonderful little gadgets, gizmos, crystals, curios, talismans, and things that could help you win, and you have to find something that appeals to you! You can get them on eBay and other places online!

When you plan to visit a casino, do a little reading and learning before you go. Learn to play the games where you have a much better chance of winning than at the slots, because most people automatically flock to the slot machines, and frankly, they have the worst odds of you becoming a big winner!

That’s all for today… Good Luck!


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