Win Money With A Magical Oil…

If you really want to Win Money, then perhaps you should try a Magical Oil!

Of course, you can use the magical oil in conjunction with a magical talisman, amulet, charm, curio, or whatever else appeals to you.

There are all sorts of exciting choices found online when it comes to magical, mystical, good luck items. Some like a magical good luck charm they can carry in their pocket, others want something that they can wear like am piece of jewelry.

Other folks might prefer something they can keep in their wallet, purse, or bag. You can get a magical crystal and keep it in your home. There’s really no wrong way or right way to use something magical, there’s just YOUR way! The way you feel compelled to use it is how you should use it!

Crystals are awesome because they come to us as a gift from Mother Earth, and can be considered a gift from God, the Angels, the Universe, or whatever you prefer to call it. Crystals have various properties, different looks and colors, different vibrations, and can be blessed and intentioned for various things, even though they already naturally have mystical powers of their own! Crystals are very popular, and they make an awesome good luck amulet for those who want to attract love, prosperity, or anything else!

Here on my blog you will find a lot of other information about good luck charms and amulets, and if you see something that appeals to you or that calls to you then you should investigate further!

Another important and contributing factor to increasing your good luck and winning some money, is to stay very positive, optimistic, and do not let negativity creep into your mind and interfere! Use The Law Of Attraction as outlined in Rhonda Byrne’s best seller The Secret!

Being patient, expecting good things to happen, keeping your fingers crossed, saying your prayers, and spreading good karma are also additional steps you can take to hopefully help your chances of winning money gambling!

If a $20 or $30 magical oil, as well as a good luck charm, crystal, or other magical item will help you win, then that is pretty awesome. If you do not win right away, just be patient, because sometimes good things take time! They usually always take time, in fact.

It makes no difference whether you’re young or old, female or male, working or retired, religious or not… a magical oil and a good luck charm just might help you get lucky and start winning! You never know until you try!

Clear Quartz Crystals are a very popular choice, and they are good for an all around general good luck charm! You might prefer a crystal with a hue or color to it, such as Rose Quartz, which has a slight pink color to it.

Others might want a Citrine, which is more on the bright yellow side. Or maybe you would like a green stone such as Aventurine or Jade, or maybe something black like an Onyx. It’s really up to you to carry what you like and whatever appeals to you! 

There are so many different types of crystals given to us by Mother Earth et al, and you can learn more about them online! Just go do a bit of reading and learn what’s best for you!

Good Luck, Best Wishes, and Many Blessings!


Great Gift Idea… Inexpensive Gifts For Neighbors & Co-Workers!

If you need a really good and Inexpensive Gift for Neighbors and Co-Workers, then here’s great news!

I recently wrote about a website with Good Luck charms that actually work… well, while I was recently perusing their awesome website, I found a fabulous gift idea, and here’s one of their customers with a powerful testimonial to explain this wonderful idea to you!

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12 Copies of Your Customized Book

How To Convert My Dreams Into Winning Lottery Numbers?

If YOU asked “How To Convert My Dreams Into Winning Lottery Numbers? then here’s great news… 

There is a great book available… when you have a dream and you remember it, you look up the topic of the dream in the Lucky Dream Number Book, and it will give you a lucky lottery number to play!

If you win, then that would be awesome, and if not, you’re no worse off than you are right now! Everyone dreams, every night, although we do not remember most of our dreams. But when you DO wake up in the middle of a dream, and you are aware of the subject matter, you can look up the dream, and end up with some exciting lottery number suggestions!

Those daily lottery games with the three digit numbers are actually the very best games to play…odds-wise, because the odds of winning a three digit number straight, are only one in a thousand, and the payoff is usually 500 to 1. So that’s $500 for each dollar wagered!

If you had a dream, converted it to a number, and felt confident in that number, you could play it straight for a dollar twenty times on separate tickets. Then if that number is selected, you would have 20 tickets each worth $500. That’s $10,000 tax free, because you can cash-in tickets of $599 or less without providing your information, and there are no taxes on the winnings of $599 or less! Hence the need for the separate tickets.

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A book like this is ideal for anyone and everyone who plays those daily lottery games, especially those daily lottery games with a three digit outcome between 000 and 999! That’s great advice, and it’s better to have this book on hand, so order yours today! You will be glad that you did!

It’s worth a try, don’t you think?


Can A Full Moon Magical Spell Help Me Win Some Money?

We are some serious practitioners of The Magical Arts, and we often perform rituals and cast spells for other people, and during the night of the Full Moon it is always especially exciting and it is also a very effective time for such magical activities!

If you need better luck gambling, and need someone to cast a magical money spell for you, then here’s a great way to get the job done…

The next full moon is on Thursday October 5th at 2:41 P.M. our time, and we go into the woods that evening for the festivities!

eBay Full Moon Spell

Yes, some people actually hire us to cast spells for them, perhaps to win more money gambling, or maybe even to have help finding Love, Good Sex, Passion, and Romance!

So, hurry and place your order on eBay, before our schedule completely fills up! If you happen to read this posting after the full moon, or at some much later date, no worries, because we are always able to provide people with Love Spells, Money Spells, as well as Good Luck Charms, Oils, Crystals, and Amulets that really work!

These types of services are always described, by law, as being for entertainment purposes, since nothing works 100% of the time, and for 100% of the people, but they are still worth a try, because you never know what good might happen!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

I Need Good Luck! I Want Good Luck! What Can I Do To Attract Good Luck?

If you said something such as: “I Need Good Luck! I Want Good Luck! What Can I Do To Attract Good Luck?” or something along those lines, then here is great news…

For starters, you must make some changes in the way you think and speak; you must always be positive, always think positive, and always speak in a positive fashion, and eliminate that negativity from your life in all of its forms… negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative talk.

You really need to make a serious effort to completely eliminate all of that negativity and negative thinking from your lifestyle.

There have been numerous research studies done, from medicine to good luck amulets, and there is a phenomenon known as the placebo effect

Some patients in a medical study were given the new drug or medicine that’s being tested, and some of the participants were given a pill that’s not medicine at all, however, some of those patients wanted to be healed, expected to be healed, felt they deserved to be healed, and they were healed, even though they did not ingest the actual medication  being tested! It was those positive thoughts that did the trick! 

This clearly shows that the power of the brain, the power of the mind, the power of positive thinking can do amazing things! Even if you are taking a bona fide medication or using a powerful magical good luck charm, the fact that you believe it will help you is certainly going to increase the effectiveness of it. 

Whenever I drive my car anywhere, I always expect to have a smooth trip, and I always expect to make good time, and I always expect things will go smoothly, and I am confident that I will find a decent place to park, and with no hassles… consequently, I always do have a smooth trip, I always make good time, things always go smoothly, and I always find a decent place to park!

Was this a Coincidence? Or did my positive thoughts get transmitted from my brain out into the universe?

Too many people, these days, are way too negative about way too many things. I see a woman who is a cashier at my local grocery store, and she’s a delightful woman of about 50. She’s married and has raised some children who are now adults. Since I shop there often, I see her regularly, and she sees the foods I’m buying, so one day she says, “You sure do a lot of cooking, you must be a really good cook!” I told her that I was, and that I was thankful I learned to cook as a child and as a teenager.

Then she replies, “I am a terrible cook, I always burn things because I cook them too long, afraid that I need to make sure they’re cooked long enough, and I always mess up whatever I’m cooking.”

I thought to myself, what a shame, she says she cannot cook, and she believes she cannot cook, and that’s why she will never be a good cook. She expects the food to come out lousy, so it does! Do YOU see where I am going with this? (Believe it or not, some people miss it!) Millions of people would not have even read this far, because they have the attention span of a flea.

I have a young lady friend, who is always so nervous and worried about every little thing she needs to do, from cooking, to cleaning, to driving somewhere, to buying gifts for people, and she always says things such as; “I don’t know if this will fit my dad,” or “I don’t know if my mom will like this.”

This educated gal does not have much confidence and self-esteem, and it shows, and it infiltrates every single area of her life. Whenever she has to do anything at all outside of her usual routine, she gets so nervous and dreads doing it, because she’s always afraid of; making a mistake, getting lost, wasting money, losing money, and so forth. It’s a shame, because she’s a really smart girl, a nice girl, and an educated girl as I said, but her huge lack of confidence stands in her way about so many things.

She readily admits that she is clumsy, drops things, spills things, breaks things, and loses things, and because she always expects that to happen, it does happen… repeatedly! 

People really need to expect good things to happen to them, and they need to believe that they deserve good things to happen. They have to retrain their minds to think positive thoughts, and speak positive statements, and to believe those things!

When people say something like “I never win anything, ever!” Then they buy a raffle ticket, lottery ticket, or play Bingo, of course they’re not going to win, because they believe and expect that they will lose! So, they do end up losing!

It is the same in business… if you go into a business meeting, an interview, or a sales presentation, and you expect to do well, you probably will do well, but if you are dreading it, and thinking that you will fail, you probably will fail!

If you really want good luck or better luck; use a good luck charm, say your prayers, think positive thoughts, expect that you will have good luck, believe that you deserve the good luck, and don’t let negativity stand in your way!

There have been so many books written about subjects, such as The Law Of Attraction! If you are not familiar with this subject, then you need to read and learn more about it!

About 100 years ago, a talented author and speaker named Charles F. Haanel wrote a brilliant series of lessons and he called it The Master Key System, and just a few years ago, Rhonda Byrne used those same ideas and principles and wrote a bestseller called The Secret! There have also been several other books in between talking about similar ideas and topics.

Good Luck Charms, amulets, talismans, oils, and crystals can also help you have good luck or better luck, perhaps because of the magical power and positive energies imbued upon them, and maybe also in part because you think and believe that they will help you. Again, patience and positive thinking are paramount. When people say or think “this does not work,” then it probably will not.

Here’s a great tip; rather than waste so much precious time on silly social media and stupid television, read some good books that have stood the test of time, such as; How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie, The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason, and The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino!

Patience is also a very important step in developing better luck. You cannot expect that things will happen for you or will change instantly and overnight… good things take time.

When someone is praying about something, or using a good luck charm, or thinking positively, they should be patient, and stay focused. Giving up too soon is another obstacle that prevents some folks from getting what they want. Persistence, patience, and perseverance are all so important!

Spreading Good Karma is also helpful in helping you to attract Good Luck! Are you a polite person? Do you use good manners? Do you say “please” and “thank you” when dealing with others? (Millions of adult Americans do NOT say please and thank you, and that’s very sad!) Do you wave for another motorist to go ahead? Do you open the door for someone else? Do you allow a shopper with one or two items to go ahead of you at the store? Do you bless someone when they sneeze? All of these acts are very tiny ways to spread good karma. This “good karma” just might come back to you in amazing ways with good luck and blessings you’ve never dreamed of.

How about giving a dollar or two to a homeless person who asks you? Or at least buying them a sandwich if you fear they will spend the cash on alcohol? If children are selling something door to door, or on a table in their front yard, you should buy what they’re selling, because it just might help them develop better communication skills, or even help them down the path of having sales ability in adulthood! Sales ability and good communication skills are learned in childhood, and they are very important skills to develop! How many adults do you know who could NOT sell a bag of ice in the desert? I know tons of them… they have no sales ability at all, and pretty lousy communication skills as well.

Saying your prayers is also important. You don’t have to be religious, or even a member of an organized religion… just say your prayers, or do your meditating, or do your daydreaming, or do your mental visualization of what you want to happen, and stay optimistic! Be thankful for all of the good in your life.

The bottom line… if you want good luck, more luck, better luck… then think positive, speak positive, be patient, say your prayers, use some good luck charms, spread good karma, and hope for the best!

Many Blessings!

I Love Those Dream Number Books Where You Look Up A Dream That You Had Then It Gives You A Lottery Number To Play!

If you’ve never had such a book, then you should certainly get one, because they’re very cool, fascinating, and it just might help you win some money!

Picture this… You Have A Dream, You Look Up The Topic In The Book, It Gives You A Lucky Winning Lottery Number, Then You Play That Number!

If you win, then that would be fantastic, and if not, you’re no worse off than you are right now! Everyone dreams, every night, although we do not always remember most of our dreams.

But when you DO wake up in the middle of a dream, and you are aware of the subject matter, you can look up the dream in a dream number lottery book, and end up with some exciting lottery number suggestions! You just might win something, and it sure would be fun to try! 

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A book like this is ideal for anyone and everyone who plays those daily lottery games! That’s great advice, and it’s better to have this book on hand, so order a copy for yourself today!

Fabulous and Inexpensive Gift Idea for Friends, Neighbors, and Co-Workers!

If you need a Fabulous and Inexpensive Gift Idea for Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, and Acquaintances, then here’s great news! I recently wrote about a website with Good Luck charms that actually work… well, while I was recently perusing their awesome website, I found a fabulous gift idea, and here’s one of their customers with a powerful testimonial to explain this wonderful idea to you!

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12 Copies of Your Customized Book